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Nose problems - Anyone have any experience?

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Over the last several weeks Poppy had been digging and poking her nose into the ground and anywhere else and she started getting cuts all over her nose; as it was healing the skin then started peeling where her nose (which is pink) met her fur at the top.

This got worse and she kept scratching her nose everyday pretty much; so it was always bleeding somewhere.

So we took her to the vet; the vet said it could be nothing just a result of her having a sensitive nose or it could be an autoimmune response where her body is attacking the pigmentation (or something like that) and so they took some biopsies.

Poor Poppy has three separate stitches (one on each side and in the middle) and she doesn’t look like a very pretty girl at all! And even those aren’t exactly healing well.

Her nose doesn’t look at all nice. And I am sure its painful and she is having to where the cone of shame to try and stop her poking it anywhere or to have her scratch it.

She in herself is fine and has been fine - of course she isn’t a very happy doggy now - due to her painful nose etc; but she hasn’t acted like she had any issues except the nose.

We expect the biopsy result probably Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday in the UK) and hopefully nothing comes up there.

Has anyone got any experience of this?


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Afraid not experienced anything like this, although are you sure she cut her nose, or did you just see the scabs?   The reason for asking is that if you only saw the scabs which were annoying her and she then scratched them,  then it might be a zinc deficiency.  However if you saw the cuts themselves first then it definitely isn't.    Hope the results come back clear for you (and her).

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She definitely cut her nose. Quite a few times however the scabs may not be a result of the cut nose. Looking at some photos I can see some crusting of the skin. 

Will have to wait for the results - zinc deficiency would be easy to resolve. An immune problem is very bad. And I’m not sure how long she would survive and she isn’t even 2. 

And to have a serious problem like that after just losing Flash to cancer would be very harsh.

Also these poor doggies don’t deserve this. All they do is give love and loyalty.  

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