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My husband and I thought it was safe to go back in the Dog park today!  Thinking that the mud was dried up 😂.  We were Totally wrong!   If there's a mud hole Blu is going to find it!  He knows what's coming " The Hose "!!  No Mommy has to clean the Outlander Sport😲


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I splurted my morning coffee onto my keyboard when this came up !!!   I think Blu would get on great with Marley  -  here is a shot of him as a pup

1696895784_P1010416-Copy.thumb.JPG.85f0f8dae2e06788752485fdd53b1076.JPG569730131_P1010420-Copy.thumb.JPG.2409ad66d9f9aea94e38d8d78394d232.JPGP1010418.thumb.JPG.dda11568c7c3d55d49b79fa7d38eff8c.JPG  He had had his first bath the day before.   You can tell he was laughing  - and extremely pleased with himself.     What is it with huskies and mud?

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Oh my goodness 😂 they would get along like brothers 🤣!  Sorry for your keyboard, thank goodness it wasn't your phone 🤣!  My husband and I asked the same question about the mud holes!  I think it cools them down.  I just let him have his fun 😁 and it seems like they always do this after a bath 🛁!   Now he's all clean and back to looking like Blu🐺


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