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Hi my husky/Shepard mix is 3 1/2 months old

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There are a few reasons why puppies bite  - one being that they were taken from their siblings and mum too early  -  One of my boys was taken from his mum and siblings at around 6 weeks old (he was 12 weeks when I got him and his 4th owner)- and I had a real problem teaching him not to nip me.    I started to yelp loudly (like a hurt puppy) every time he did, and walked away from him the way his siblings would have done, stopping any play or fuss that was going on at the time.   It took LOTS of patience, repetion and time,  but by the time he was 12 months old he had stopped nipping and mouthing.    Others will hopefully give you other suggestions.

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Sherri, Wolfpup is right on the money with that advice and I did the same thing on Blu and when I yelped I put one of his toys in his mouth!   Now it's just a Play nibbles.  

He's probably teething as well!  If you have the large Kong toy, put peanut butter in it and freeze it.  Then give it to Chance.  Hopefully Chance will stop nipping!

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