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Marley at it again - another problem

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I finally managed to get an appointment with our vet   -  been trying  on and off for 6 months but as it was not urgent they would not see him - seeing urgent cases only.

Around 6 months ago I noticed that Marley's eyes were not as clear as they were when he was a pup, they were clouding over.   They were not bothering him, not weeping or anything so I just kept an eye on it.  Today I finally got him to the vet.   The vet came out to him and we chatted for a bit  -  then he  tried to take Marley inside,  as soon as Marley twigged I was not coming in  - all hell let loose.   Bucking, jumping, pulling on lead, biting at lead, yelping   - it took Andrew and one of his nurses to get him inside  .................... I didn't know who to feel sorriest for   Marley or the vet.

Around 25 minutes later  he came out with Marley,   Marley nearly pulled him over in his eagerness to get to me and he jumped up me and kissed me,  literally like a Jack-in-the-box,  I haven't seen him that pleased to see me for ages.

He has  Stromal Corneal Dystrophy.   One good thing the vet said is that in Siberian Huskies the condition is usually mild  - they tend to have the mildest form of SCD of any breed of dog.   It is an inherited disease and is caused by fat not being properly processed and small deposits are left in the eyes.   There is no treatment unless the eye ulcerates - which he said was very rare.     He should retain his sight - it will be more noticeable to us than to him evidently.    I was dreading the diagnosis of cataracts  (£5,000 an eye)  so whilst he will get worse as he gets older and there is nothing I can do about it, I wont end up with a severely vision impaired dog,  I have had blind cats in the past.

I also asked for him to be weighed as he has put on weight in the last 2 years  (not seen a vet in 2 years so I could not weigh him)  -  he is now 30 kilos and should be 27 ish  - so the little tyke is going on a diet!  


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Oh sweet Marley, I hope your eyes get better soon 😔 I get choked up when I hear another fur baby is not at their best!  Blu also has Separation anxiety and does the same thing.  Now he's going through ( Retaining baby teeth ) there was 4 now we're down to 1.  Yes, those Vet bill's can be pricey but our fur babies are very worth it.  Marley dear Tell daddy that the weight is just "FLUFF",!!!!🤣 

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