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Cats and Huskies — impossible?

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So I know that the standard thinking is that Huskies do NOT get along with cats, and have that unfortunate tendency of wanting to hunt and kill them.  But as a cat owner who absolutely adores the Husky breed and would love to add one to my household, I have to ask... is it impossible?  I have read of situations where Huskies have been properly acclimated to the presence of a household cat and that with consistent training they can be taught that the cat is part of the “pack” and not a creature to hunt.

If anyone has any thoughts on this (other than the standard cautionary tales, I’ve already read plenty of these) I’d love to hear them.  Thanks!


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OK   I have one cat that thinks all dogs are his friend (he has lived with 5 dogs whilst he has been with us)  -  and two huskies.   One I got as an adult  - and who will kill our cat on sight (two failed attempts so far) -  the other I got at 12 weeks old and he and my cat groom each other, play with each other,  he will even stand back if the cat wants to eat his food.

If you want a husky and you have a cat  - get a young husky  -  between 10-12 weeks old preferably   (both mine are rescues - as is the cat)  An adult cat will easily handle a puppy  - even one that is twice his size and playful.   A cat that is used to dogs will teach the puppy not to play too rough.

A young dog will learn that the cat is part of the family,  -  with the usual proviso however  -  huskies have high prey drives when they approach adulthood  -  and if you have one with a heightened prey drive then you should always take care  - there have been cases where a husky who has lived quite happily with a cat has suddenly turned on it and killed it.

My cat lives upstairs (the cat's choice wisely),  one of my dogs lives downstairs (5 1/2 years old),  -  the other has free reign of the whole house (6 years old)  never shown any signs of aggression or high prey drive  -  only playfulness  - however they are never left alone at any time.

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I've heard far too many stories of huskies being good with cats for years until one day the prey drive kicked in 

I personally wouldn't risk it but if u do never leave them alone together and make sure cat has plenty of escape routes and high places dog can't get to 

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