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Anyone have a recipe for meals they can share?

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It would help if you let us know whether you have decided to feed raw  or home cooked,  if you intend to mix the food with kibble / dog biscuits etc.   I am a raw feeder  and will only be able to help you with raw feeding.

Also you do not say which country you are in   -  therefore what food is available easily  etc.

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Sorry im im the US and didnt know there was different types of recipies. We are trying to move away from store brand stuff and just make our own food. Home cooked im guessing would be best if ee can get a recipe for that.

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Sorry I cannot help then   - but there are several Facebook groups for feeding a home cooked diet,  plus try Dogs Naturally Magazine (USA/Canada based)  - whilst a raw feeding site - it does have some articles on home cooked.    However please be aware that cooking the meat does destroy some of the nutrients -  and particularly the enzymes needed by the body to digest that food   -  the same is true of ANY commercial kibble/tinned food   -  hence the large amount of added vitamins & minerals on the back of the pack/can.    Having said that a well balanced home cooked meal will contain more and better nutrients than any kibble  -  or can.

If you decide to go down the raw food route  -  this link  (if it works) will give you loads of reading material to help you prepare for the changover to raw feeding - and tons of advice on nutrition.

OK - dont know how that happened  - but it is the post dated  10th February  - contains a longish list of articles.    If it hasn't completely blown your mind and frightened you off I will be happy to help you sort out  a raw food diet for your pup    (what about a picture)?

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