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Jumping on ANYTHING! Like a rocket ship!

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Poppy loves to jump on anything she can find; her balls, her toys and unfortunately other dogs.

She will take off and try and land on some dogs; and when she doesn’t do that she is clearly very bossy.

She will sniff the other dogs and then put her paws over them - which makes them go crazy most of the time - understandably.

Due to the pandemic she hasn’t been around other dogs much; but during the summer this meant that either she got along with the other dogs or it turned into a fight (not a serious one as I pulled her away).

I can’t figure out if this is her trying to dominate the other dog or she is just wanting to play and they take it aggressively.

I do think she is a bossy little lady and thats part of it; but it means its very hard to know if a trip to the dog park will turn into playing or trying to keep her away from others. She also has a tendency even when playing to try and constantly nip at the other dogs and will even run towards them and take off (jumping) over them.

She is a year and half. Any suggestions?

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One of my rescue boys is like that still   -  and he is 6 now   - been like it all his life.    I have had him in several bouts of training to try and control his bouncy, over enthusiastic, nature  - his nickname is Zebedee   (Magic Roundabout fame).    He is not a 'dominant' type though   -  just a loveable air-head  with no doggie manners.    He just does not understand when he meets a strange dog that reacts badly to him and his enthusiasm for play   - however when the other dog shows aggressive behaviour he does not react to that either  -  just stands stock still,  totally non responsive/reactive  -  like he's thinking  "what's your problem?   I'll just stand here until you work it out".   He can have a dog yapping and snarling into his face, running at him and knocking him over  -  he just stands back up and stays still (tail still up and curled on his back)  - taking it all  - but never backing down.    I put it down mainly to the fact he was taken from his mother too early so did not get a chance for his siblings and mum to teach him doggie manners.

He has another rescue dog to play with at home  - and neither are ever off lead, but when we are allowed to drive to the nearby nature park they are on horse lunge-leads for extra freedom  (this is when he usually comes across another dog unexpectedly - that dog is always totally off lead).    I really do think that Marley just never learned to grow up  -  and will be a puppy mentally all his life   -   possibly his eilepsy has stunted his mental growth into adulthood  (it started at 10 months of age)    I dont even know if that is possible.    He has lived with  three other adult dogs during the time we have had him  - two much older than him and his current friend - 6 months younger with complex problems of his own due to unfortunate experiences in his past life.

Poppy is still young enough for training to curb her enthusiasm  -  I have now accepted that I cannot change Marley's nature - and we have changed our lifestyle accordingly to minimise any problems.

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