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Husky not eating and drinking properly

Emma Hall

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Hello everyone, I’ve not posted in a while
I have a 22 month old husky Caesar, who’s generally a little poppet.

just wanted some advice.....

caesar was sick a couple of times on the night of 22nd dec, the next day he was lack lustre and not interested at all in food.

As we have had a previous bad experience over Christmas 2 years ago where we lost our 15 month old pup, I wasn't taking any chances and managed to get an appointment at the vet. most of his tests were fine and he just came back as dehydrated. the vet suggested we try to get food and water into him at home as he gets very stressed at the vets and we managed to do this via him drinking from my hands and he perked up a bit. he spent several days not really drinking from his bowl and would only drink from my hands. we tried various things to get him eating properly, but he's still been funny right over Christmas only eating 1 meal a day and that from grazing only, he's not been full on hungry. 

His poo has been quite soft all the time, but thats standard with him, he often is, but the last few days its been quite runny, so we stayed off the kibble yesterday and only gave him scrambled egg and sweet potato which he ate with more interest that his kibble has given him for 2 weeks.

then he was a little bit sick again last night....

he's now back to not wanting to drink or eat, and again is getting stressed over me trying to get him to drink out of my hands or any other way of getting water into him. I've tried ice cubes which he will lick a little bit. for food I don't want to keep giving him just eggs.
my last resort today is going to be heading out to get some live yoghut and boil up some chicken for the broth.

any other ideas? he's generally fine in himself, but obviously being sick gives him some sort of aversion to bowls.

I am at a loss what to do

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Bin the kibble, try him on something really smelly, maybe sardines. Chicken broth would be good for him. Not eating issues are always a tricky one, I think we, as owners, become very worried when a pet doesn’t eat and try everything to coax them. My Maine Coon went off her food and she’s always been unfussy, I must have bought every brand going to encourage her, when she ate I was relieved. Sadly though the underlying problem was a lung tumour and as she was almost 13 the kindest thing was to let her go when she didn’t anything for nearly a week. I’m concerned about your dog not wanting food, it’s not usual, it may take a lot of investigation to find why he’s refusing food but if you try several different types, not kibble, and he’s still not showing interest then your vet needs to be more proactive. I’m not a fan of kibble at the best of time but if he’s not drinking either then kibble will dehydrate further. Have you a syringe you could use to syringe water into him? 

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Thank you for your reply

Ha, he won’t let me anywhere near him with a syringe. I got him to drink out of a lid a bit this morning 😂
he’ll eat stuff occasionally, enough to get by. 
im going to try boiled chicken, rice and yoghurt later I think

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I hope it works. Maybe he’s just fed up with kibble, Huskies are pretty bright and know how to get their own way. Mine is fed on raw, she eats pretty much anything. She came to me at 6 years old having been reared on Butchers and mixer, I swapped her straight away, she’s more than happy, a few things took a bit of time for her to get used to but I now buy Jack Wolf frozen raw human grade food, she’s very happy with it and she has raw meat bones because she loves to chew so duck wings, chicken thighs, short ribs, pork spare ribs and oxtail. I also buy dried rabbits ears and bull willies lol, loves them too. Variety is the name of the game.

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Thank you, I am looking at raw but want to go to a local supplier to discuss but restrictions aren’t helping.

I wanted to get his tummy settled first.

he has actually had a drink now and eaten some rice, fish and yoghurt

thank you for your reply

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Emma,   can you make your dog some bone broth?      Dogs will usually have bone broth even when they wont have anything else.    The advantage of bone broth is that it contains  the minerals and vitamins below.    If you want to try changing your dog to raw when you have got him sorted  I can help  - I am a raw dog food nutrition specialist.  To start with if you want to go down the commercial raw route then I can let you know what to look for   - but if you eventually want to try feeding him from scratch there are lots of articles I can let you have to read up on  - then help you to provide a complete nutrition diet for him.   One of my boys started like yours   -  he turned out to have allergies to 9 different foods   - now down to full allergy to 3  and borderline for one  (all grains).
































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