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Mrs Nichola Bradshaw


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My husband and I have a very active lifestyle and both have outdoor jobs. We’ve always had large dog breeds and recently adopted and rehomed an 18 month old Husky (Koda) who loves being outdoors all day and fits perfectly into our active lifestyle. He’s a neutered male and is brilliant. He’s settled in really well and is a lovely boy to have around. 

the only issue we have with him is his excessive prey drive (for birds, small animals, and anything that rustles in the bushes). 
we have guinea pigs at home that live in their own room with a reinforced door, so that he doesn’t ever go in there. He was obsessed when he first moved in but seems to have given up now as he knows that’s an area he doesn’t go in. It’s hard to distinguish whether he wants to be aggressive or playful with them, but I will never allow them to mix for the safety of the guinea pigs. Not sure what he’s actually thinking of doing with them? 

So the guinea pig situation is now managed but out on walks he’s a nightmare. Wants to chase everything that moves - squirrels, birds, leaves that blow down the road! 
He is fine with other dogs. Just wants to play or he will just walk by them if told to leave. 
we have a 30ft training lead at the moment whilst working on his recall. The recall is proving very challenging because of the prey drive. Is he likely to always be like this? Or is this something I can change with training? 


many thanks for any help, 

much appreciated! 

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For the vast majority of huskies  -  never let them off lead   -   they run too far and fast to ever get them back.    As far as prey drive is concerned - its with them for life.   One of mine lives quite happily with our cat  -  if the other one gets half a chance  ............................. well I know I wont have a cat any more.    Both are a nightmare on walks  bird, cat, squirrel, leaf blowing in the wind  -  each and every thing needs to be chased down and subdued - NOW!


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