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What is a good safe temperature to have the house set to in the summer for Huskys?

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I recently adopted a Husky and I want to make sure that the house temperature is comfortable for her. With that said, I live Florida and in a area where the electric bills are very high! If it were up to me I would keep the house on 72 all day long but I wouldn't be able to afford the bill. It is safe for her if I leave the AC on 77 or 78 during the day? We always keep the fans going and she often goes to the kitchen to lay on the cold tile floor. 

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Not an expert by any means  -  but some huskies on here live in India where the temps are even higher.  As long as she has access to a cold floor, plenty of water  and, say, a paddling pool where she can get wet and therefore cool  she should be absolutely fine.  Hopefully some members from warmer climates will be able to help you further.

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