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We actually did a walk with them lastnight and they got along wonderful. Even touching. 
We initially introduced them face to face through the baby gate we have. Ice and Nava both were smelling wagging their tails. However the past few times Ice growls at Nava through the baby gate. But I don’t understand because their walk, you’d of thought they were best friends their whole life. Ice isn’t a mean dog from what I have noticed. He has an attachment built with me. And Nava doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Dominance I guess? I figured it will take time to get them used to each other because I feel as if they will cause they’ve came a long way already. I just want to make sure I’m doing it properly.  

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I have two males  -  both rescues  - one from a pup and the other one about a year ago.    Had a few problems but things have settled down  My first one is now 5 and the second one is  6 months younger   -  the new dog definitely tried to be dominant (taller, longer, heavier and stronger)  - quite a few fights  -  mostly noise - but neither dog would back down  and my older dog has had some injuries.

Not had a proper fight for around 6 months now   -  they are rarely left alone  - and if I suspect things are getting a little  'rowdy' between them  I separate them immediately  - before anything really kicks off.      Not literally putting them in separate areas - just getting inbetween them and letting them know I wont tolerate it.    Luckily so far they have both heeded me   -  my older dog is very easy going, gentle even  -  he basically wants a quiet life and some play   -  the new boy is learning   -   but it is taking constant awareness on my part   -   and total consistency between hubby & myself.

The older dog (Marley) is most definitely  'my' dog    -  the new boy is most definitely not 'mine'   -  he was abused by his previous women owner  - so I am still treated with a mixture of distrust and tinged with fear if I move fast or appear cross (to him)    - but we are getting there.    A firework went off a couple of hours ago and Mikey (new boy) came into the lounge  and went to cringe behind his bed  against the wall.    This is the first time he has come into the lounge in the evening when I am alone there   -  he has always stayed in the kitchen unless hubby is in the lounge.

Just keep a close eye on your older dog and be prepared to act quickly if needed  -  and just hope that your pup will learn that the new dog in his life is not a toy - and wont always want to play and be pestered.    Your beautiful new dog is still trying to aclimatize - he must be going through some serious stuff with going through rescue and a new home.



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Thank you for your response. I’m less worried about Nava (our 7 month old) he backs off from him when he gets like that, usually. I’m just not sure if I bit off more then I can chew. Ice (the new boy) he is absolutely my baby, he follows me and always wants to be near me. He hasn’t ever showed aggression towards me, my husband or our two young children. Lastnight we put ice on a leash and let Nava and all the other dogs in the living room. Ice handled it better then I thought he would. However he did get uneasy when Nava would get in his face trying to check him out. Ice is a sweet dog however I do not know his background. I believe he was mistreated because he acts real scared when I do certain things in the house like put in a new trash bag or sweep he gets real uneasy. We actually did not get him from a rescue. We got him from some people who were about to send him to a rescue because they didn’t want to put the effort into him. However this is our third day with him and he has made so much progress, we are willing to put the effort into him by all means. He has SEEMED okay with the other 4 we have (3 girls and another boy but the other boy is a puppy) he just has an issue with Nava. They are both unaltered so I believe it is dominants they are looking for. Ice is much bigger than Nava. I am just scared he may hurt Nava when in all honesty Nava is the sweetest boy and is never aggressive. He just likes to play. 

Also, my husband and I are starting to have suspicions they he may be older then what they told us he was. I just am not sure how to find out how old he is. 

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