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Rough paws


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4 hours ago, wolfpup said:

No the paws should be smooth   -  not like satin, but with no sticky-up/out bits.  Possibly he has roughened them by playing on concrete or pavements?   

Yes, he plays in concrete, but is it normal that his paws are like prickly, if I brush it one way it would scratch me, his paws are like a cat's tongue. I went to the vet yesterday and had it checked, the vet says not to worry, but I still am worried I don't know if its hyperkeratosis. May I see the paws of your huskies? here is mine.


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I was about to suggest the same thing as Robke.    If my boys get into a heavy play session their paws also go like yours  -  afraid neither would tolerate me touching their paws for a photo  - but it looks like ordinary abraison to me.    Keep him off the concrete for a bit  - preferably grass to give his paws time to heal up  -  and try to get some paw wax.

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