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Hi There,

First Time Husky Owner but long time admirer. Just never been in a circumstance to own one but 5 years ago decided to go into business with the family to run a shop so meant was spending more time at home in a dog friendly workspace too.

I cannot remember when my fascination with Huskies started, been a favourite breed since I can remember and that was only solidified when I went on a Dog Sledding experience in Gloucestershire in my teens.

Anyways, let me introduce the star of the show.....Maya. 4.5yrs Old born March 2016. Incidentily named after Walt Disney's Eight Below, where there is a Pack leader called Maya who protected her Pack during extreme times.

Interesting Background, we brought her from a breeder down in Kent, supposed to be Second Generation Husky/Labradoodle with the Mum being Husky, dad obviously the Labradoodle supposedly met them too along with her 2 brothers during visitation. But have never really believed the Labradoodble Parentage. Did do a DNA test on her last year I think it was, it came back with 62% Husky, the rest was equal parts Bernese, Old English Sheepdog & Rottweiler. Which in all honesty seems about right. Defo Part Husky, seems to have the laid back demounour of a Bernese and size is probably that or the Sheepdog. Not sure about the Rottweiler though....but whatever she is....she is perfect!

We have had our ups and downs, been through a lot including a Robbery together which did knock her confidence but she's such a beautiful healthy girl inside and out. She's a way too laid back at home either sprawled out on the shop floor or upside down on her back curved along a skirting board and then she is a crazed animal when on the heathland just up the road. Scavenging and Hunting and always sniffing whats new! Had been a few times, when her adventurous spirit has taken her astray and typically recall is not a strong suit. Once a sniff becomes apparent, its run and think later approach but invested in a Tractive device to keep an eye on her been trained on a lunge line and know is pretty trustworthy. Yes, She's confident on an adventure and sometimes goes out of eyesight but is intelligent enough to know the route I take. We have covered every inch of the Heathland when she was a puppy so she's knows the area all too well so treats in like her own personal playground. I am confident enough to let her wander knowing I have the tractive as back up and comfortable knowing she knows the route we always take and she always makes a re-appearance huffing and puffing about a wee adventure after a minor 10 minute detour (usually via a pond!). Been yes it has been a huge learning curve getting to know the breed, what makes them tick and how to best work with and train them but we understand and appreciate each other (I think)!

A great shop dog too, usually perched on the shop ramp waiting for customers to step over her.....though useful for social distancing where she acts as a separation tool!! One stands at her hear....one at the foot of her tail! And everyone falls in love with her to ensure they come back just to see her!

I look forward to working my through this vast and thorough forum and will try and add any adventures me and Maya have along the way!





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