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Hi everyone! We're Aoife and Jon and we'd like for you to meet our first husky, Callie!

She's 4 months old, about 25 pounds and loves cuddling and sleeping! We're still socializing her but she's doing really well. She was very timid and scared before, even having pee accidents because she was so nervous. But she's slowly coming around and enjoys meeting other dogs. 

We feed her Blue Wilderness and give her Blue Bits for when she's a good girl. Blue Wilderness is the only thing she seems to eat so we've just stuck to that.

We're also still trying to potty train her. We'd take her outside for an 45 minutes but she wont potty. She wont pee or potty on the grass or anywhere else unless she's in the balcony of our place. Any tips to help with teaching her how to pee and potty in the grass would be helpful!

She doesn't bark, she doesn't bite on things and she's super chill for the most part. Which we find a little bit odd because she's a husky but isn't really doing what huskies do! But all in all, she's very healthy and is up to date with her shots!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Welcome to the forum.    The chewing part will come in a few months  - when her adult teeth come through,  between 9 -12 months is usually the worst time.     For wooden furniture I recommend a little Vicks spread on the inside leg of chairs etc  - does not hurt the pup, but they hate it and puts them off chewing.   RAW  lamb's ribs are an excellent thing for them to chew on, not only boosts their calcium  (much needed whilst growing) but ribs are the softest bones for a pup.  My boys are coming up to 5 years old and are still on ribs.   Marley started on bones when he was around 12 weeks old   - they are even better if they still have a bit of meat on them.   Mikey was already 3 1/2 when we got him so his teething days were well and truly over thankfully.

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Look at those eyes and ears! Beautiful girl!

I wouldn't worry about being relaxed. A sign of a happy and contented dog. If they were jumping and running amok then you would need to worry about why they have so much energy to exhaust!

Teething stage will come, cannot remember when Maya had hers. I think towards the 1 year mark it was. She was not bothered my furniture, but taking shoes down the garden was always her thing.....lost so many pairs of shoes may they rest in peace! 

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