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Bye bye Summer

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Good morning all,  Simka here barking that I hope all you Huskies and humans are staying healthy and taking care or others in these crazy times. It sure is sad to see summer end. For us in Maine it flew right by!  Well, you would think we would be bummed out, but not so:


So why are we outside this early in the morning going nutso in the backyard?? Well, it is the start of school season, and do you know what that means????  YUMMY NEW SCHOOL SNEAKERS!!!!!

In fact, our Aunty Kristen stopped by on her way to school this morning and had on her feet some yummy yummy new purple leather Reeboks!  


Me and GrizzLee just couldn’t help ourselves and while she and mommy talked, we each had a slobbery taste. Mmmmmmm delicious!  Apparently she is coming back this afternoon after school to watch us!  Oh boy we just can’t WAIT!!!!  We are in for the most scrumptious after school snack!  Will keep everyone posted!



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Good afternoon all!  Simka here with a quick update. Well, as you can see me and GrizzLee have had an awesome afternoon:



As soon as Aunty Kristen got home from school, we went absolutely nutso and trapped her on the couch and each claimed a yummy chewy Reebok. We turned into big hungry sneaker monsters and they immediately went right into our mouths. We growled and snorted as we slobbered and chewed on them hungrily. 


Eventually we wrestled them right off her feet!  Unfortunately Aunty has to leave in a little while so we are going to eat them all up for dessert as long as we can. Well, all I know is that they are sooooo delicious and the soft squishy leather just melts in a doggys mouth!  Ok, gotta go!  Take care,


Naughty Simka and GrizzLee 

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