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Questions about camp - Future ones


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I will try to keep this updated as and when we know things, but Ive been asked multiple times now about camps later this year, and even next years. So to be clear, there will be no dates whatsoever for any husky camp set by us until we are 100% clear on whether it would go ahead safely. 

At the moment, its only from Monday that we would even be able to meet up at all in Wales (30 people max), and even then we have to social distance. Anything indoors is also only just opening. Some have only just managed to get refunds from last husky camp, let alone another one. 

We're not just a few people going on holiday. Like it or not we're a group gathering. To put this in context

England - You can meet up to 6 people outside your house from different households - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/meeting-people-from-outside-your-household-from-4-july

Wales - From Monday, up to 30 people will be allowed to meet outdoors, but must be Socially distanced. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52416541

Both of those are nowhere near what we need to do, and some places, as we know, have taken a step backwards only this week. With 30, we will still have problems with social distancing at night, and thats if we can guarantee there is only 30 people. 


I know you guys want camp. I do to. But we simply cant do it safely. Its too soon, it's as simple as that. We may well get to March next year and find everything is locked down again. We might get to March next year and its all gone away and everything is rosey. But the simple fact is, we don't know.

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Thanks Marc for the update.

I want to go to many more Husky Camps. (been going since 2010) However if we have to sacrifice a few to get it right and make it safe, so be it.

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