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Long time no bark from!

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Good evening all!  Simka here barking that it has been waaaaay too long since I was in here and mommy and me hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, AND helping keep others safe and healthy in this covid time. Mommy and me have pretty much been home and avoiding people all spring and summer. I have not had many play dates with GrizzLee and the crew, but they keep in touch and their mommy Carol, Rachel and them are doing ok.
Well, Between me and GrizzLee and crew, we have unfortunately not gotten the chance to eat yummy new sneakers this summer, being quarantined and all. :( 
However, we are pretty excited right now. Tomorrow I am going over to GrizzLee’s house and Aunty Rachel is watching us all. AND she is going to wear these:


Mmmmm, slurp. BRAND NEW White leather Nike sneakers!  I guess she got them a while ago but is nice enough to save them all for us big dogs!   I can’t wait!!  Well, again hope all is well and I will be barking soon!



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Welcome back Simka and Grizz! You'd love my parents house,  my mum gets a new pair of sneakers nearly every week , Blaze and Skyla are NOT allowed to chew them tho , those blue ones look really nice :)

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Good morning, Simka here!  Your parents house sounds amazing!  GrizzLee and crew are always looking for good doggysitters. Maybe your mum could go over and watch them for a bit. The boys would just love to taste test some of those new sneakers :) :) :)  


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Good afternoon all,

Gotta love this humid weather we are having in Maine right now!  An update:  Well, Aunty made good on her word and wore those delicious new nikes the other night:


Grizzlee went totally nutso when he Saw them:


It didn’t take him long to shimmy underneath the dinner table and chew them right off her feet:


After he wrestled them off, he decided to slurp the new nike taste off Aunt’s feet.  She would not stop laughing!


FINALLY he grabbed them in his mouth and hid out in the backyard. They made the yummiest late night nike dessert!


He did give them back to Aunty to wear home the next day. However, he made sure to fill them up with LOTS of bubbly slimy newfie slobber. 


That Grizz sure has it made!  Well, Apparently Aunty just got these and according to Grizzlee and crew, they are next on the menu:


Yummmmm!!! Us big hungry sneaker monsters just can’t WAIT!!!!


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