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Issues With Other Dogs

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Hello! First time on the forum so apologies if there is a similar thread already. I have 2 x 5 year old husky boys. While one is practically an angel, the other is more of a handful. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old and he was thoroughly socialised. At first he loved all other dogs but by 2 years old he had to go on the lead full time (for running away one too many times). Since then he has become aggressive towards other dogs. If we have to walk by another dog, he sometimes tries to have a go! It can be quite distressing for all involved. Any ideas why he does this? He has never been attacked by a dog and he is otherwise very sweet. 

Thank you for reading to the end. 

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I'm guessing they both get on OK with each other? Is it aggression or excitement - and, if aggression, has he managed to get to another dog? Sounds like it could be lead aggression - we had a GSD (lost her last year) who was lead aggressive and she just wanted to attack any dog, especially if they were off lead. What definitely helped was going to the secure offlead where all ours can run around (we have 5 Huskies) and she definitely behaved better. Are your boys intact or have they been neutered? If intact it can help to have him/them neutered, though not always.

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One of mine was exactly like that but not with every dog, he’s reactive so pretty much on every walk there’s always another dog who’s barking or growling at mine. I took him to a behaviourist and it’s worth spending the money on one, I use distraction techniques with Luka blue and lots of praise when he doesn’t react, it works so I’m sticking with it.

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