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Hi, I need some help trying to understand some growling. I recently found a female husky from a rescue and Winter is probably 2 or 3 years old. She’s definitely and omega-type dog, very submissive. I also have a female husky/Pyrenees mix named Miska and a female yorkie named Bella.

I’ve had Winter for a few days now and she was an owner surrender along with her husky brother. She was at the rescue about a month. She’s been a very good girl but I’ve noticed a few times that she would growl primarily at Miska if she got too close. It’s not a long growl but kind of short. Miska is very gentle and sweet and Bella is a bit hyper but standoffish. I took Winter to the vet and after I got home, Miska greeted us at the door and Winter showed teeth a little and growled. Then on the back porch a little bit later, I was petting Miska and invited Winter over and Winter growled again. I didn’t see teeth. I don’t think I have any problems with Winter and Bella. In fact she tries to play with her. I admit I don’t have a lot of husky experience here but Winter is pretty laid back and non-food aggressive and seems low energy for a husky. Anyway, I did the whole “touch” thing and told her no.

What to you think is going on and what should I do about it? Is this a female issue, which I’ve read can be hit or miss?


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Hoping someone more experienced can help you   - but I would question the Omega bit  ..............  an omega would not growl.   If a true omega growled in a pack it would be set upon very quickly.    My latest rescue, Mikey,  was very very submissive to humans, particularly me as a female,   -  but turned out fairly agressive to my existing husky  (another male).     Luckily my other dog is non-reactive - certainly not submissive  -  but did not react to Mikey's  almost full on agression.    It took a couple of months but eventually they settled down and with careful management Mikey has found his place in our pack  (no. 3  after myself and Marley)  -  certainly not an 'omega'  - but he allows Marley through doors first - naturally, not through conditioning etc.    Mikey is larger, heavier and stronger than Marley  (who is a complete softie unless pushed too far)  and occasionally still their play sessions can go a bit too far  -  but I am always at home and they are easily separated as whilst Mikey no longer runs away from me - he is still very wary if I appear cross at all (so I have to be careful).

Maybe your new dog is trying to find her place in your/her new pack   -  she will not doubt be feeling a bit defensive against your larger, established dog and it might be just that she needs some time to settle in.    On the other hand I would watch the dynamics very carefully  ................  and maybe also watch her around your yorkie ................. huskies can be very very funny around small furries - they dont tend to like them very much - particularly if they are running around.

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The rescue I’ve been working with was very helpful in finding a husky that is just right for me and my pack. Winter may not be an omega but she is very submissive and easy to work with.

One of my requirements is that she gets along with my yorkie. I’ve tried several huskies in the past but never found a good fit. My yorkie, Bella, likes to patrol the fence line and bark at the neighbor’s kids through the fence. So she zooms back and forth and barks. Winter has been non-reactive to her, thankfully. I’m not saying it can’t happen but in the few days I’ve had her, I haven’t seen any indication of a prey drive trigger. My understanding is it’s something they have or not with smaller dogs. That may not be a hard and fast rule but I’ve had no issues so far.

Regarding Winter’s reacting to Miska, this morning has gone really well. I was petting Miska and Winter came over and sniffed Miska with no growling. Maybe this will just take some time and thankfully, they’re all really easy going dogs. I just didn’t know how to interpret the growl, which would be helpful to know what I may be dealing with.

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I have 2 males, one is submissive and the other is dominant, the dominant one will sometimes growl and the submissive understands, the growls never lead to any aggression. They are both over 4 years of age and I’ve watched and studied the way they interact and communicate with each other and I’ve come to the conclusion that they sort their own issues out and sometimes us humans getting involved can make a situation worse. Unless there is any aggression or worrying behaviours I’d leave them to work it out for themselves.

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chelseafan, I have considered this as well. Thankfully she is improving and things seem to be working out. I appreciate all the comments. By the way, here are a few pics of Winter.





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