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Walking and training my puppy


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Hi there! I just got my husky pups three weeks ago. One of them is 3 months old (the other just 2 months) and I just started taking her out on walks. But it is always a struggle that she keeps on jumping around and pulling on the leash. I stop walking everytime she does that but I don't think she gets it.

Also, she is always distracted with a lot of things at home. She rarely comes when called. I would like to train her outside her crate but she is just so distracted.

What do I do to stop her pulling on the leash during walks? And how do I get her attention so we could train?

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Training takes time and patience, it took me the best part of 18 months for them to be well behaved, to listen to commands and to learn boundaries. Yours is still a baby and she’s just having fun at the moment, I’d advise lots of research as husky’s have a mind of their own, positively reinforce your training and be consistent, with time, patience and lots of praise you will get there.

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