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Indestructible Toys or Toys to keep my feisty huskies occupied


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I have two five-year-old female huskies that are sisters from the same litter. With the current situation they're with me all day, but they seem to be getting into mischief more than usual. Aside from going for walks they're indoors with me all day and they're being destructive even with me right in the next room. I'm searching for anything I can buy online (my state isn't currently open to purchase much in store) that would be an indestructible toy or something that would really engage their brains. They are big chewers so I haven't found that rubber toys work well for more than a couple of days at best as they just enjoy chewing them. I currently have Benebones which they love and occasionally the deer antlers. However, I find they "argue" over the antlers even when they're identical so I limit those for them. 

I also steer clear of treats like peanut butter because I found that it really upsets their tummies so they do not get people food of any kind. 

Pet stores I have near me are Pet Supplies Plus, Petsmart, and Petco. I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer (New Englander here so don't be offended by my use of the term "you guys" as it encompasses all the people :D ). Preview attachment IMG_4842.jpg

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On 5/23/2020 at 12:39 AM, Hill777 said:

What’s that one on the far left that looks like an orange? Do you have a brand or name for what it’s called?

Apologies for late reply. No idea - and can't remember where we got it, it was so long ago. But it's lovely and squishy - no resistance to teeth, so lasts forever

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