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Husky Crate Training **please help**

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Hi Everyone,

I adopted my siberian husky, Kira, about 6 weeks ago. She is now 15 weeks old and is such a sweetheart. She was doing so well in her cage every night not making any messes and noise was at a minimum. In her first 5 weeks she never made a single mess in her crate.

The past 6 nights, every single night she has pooped and then layed in it causing me to start every morning with cleaning the entire cage and then give her a bath. Her stool has been pretty loose making it that much worse. Im not sure what I can possibly do to stop this from happening.

She is on the same diet as she has always been on (nutri-source puppy food), she is on a schedule and has ample opportunities to relieve herself before bedtime (11pm). Her cage is partitioned so her space is limited and I have also tried feeding her chicken, rice and pumpkin to fix her stool. None of this has helped. Does anybody have any experience or advice to share?




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