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Very upset...dog keep sniffing everyone's crotch?!


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Hey everyone, like the title states I've had this issue for as long as I can remember.

My dog would go up to everyone in the family and sniff they're crotch area and it's very annoying....I know dogs are suppose sniff in order to recognize and greet, but he does this every time he passes someone at home constantly! He does not do it to me, because if he does he would get a firm no or a correction. 

I would correct him if I catch him sniffing, but just after a few minutes he will go up to someone and sniff again, like it never happened!! I've tried different methods of saying "NO", leash correction but nothing works. He is almost 2 years old!


And the WORST part is he will do it mostly to my younger sister who cannot correct him or do anything to stop him. It is very upsetting for him to constantly go and sniff everyone especially her. And there is no possible way I can be following him to see who he sniffs.


Super frustrated so any help is appreciated it!

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If you correcting him works then everyone needs to correct him the same way , if that doesn't work then try removing him from the room till hes calmed down , if he goes back to that behaviour remove him again he'll soon learn that sniffing means he doesnt get to be around the family 

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It can be frustrating and I would simply say no and a short time out, sniffing in that area is a very natural thing that dogs do with each other, a special kind of sweat gland found in the groin area produces pheromones that convey social information such as sex, age, health and even the mood of an individual. Research has shown that dogs will sniff crotches more during female ovulation so they decided to put this fact to use and trained some Australian shepherd dogs to sniff out cows that had just ovulated to allow farmers to successfully breed. Whilst it can be very embarrassing when we’re sniffed in the crotch area it does highlight how clever our dogs are.

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