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Strange Behavior

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Hi I just wanted to share some pretty strange behavior that my sibe just displayed. So Leia was eating out of her Kong and I was working on my computer when Leia looked up from her food and stared directly out my window. She immediately started howling which she only does when theres a stranger around. I get up to look out the window and see if maybe the gardeners were outside but nope, no one but me and Leia were around. I turned around to calm her down since her back fur was standing up but she just curled up into a corner of my room with her ears back. She turned her back on her food which is extremely odd for her and just layed there. I sat with her for a bit and calmly pet her and she was being very affectionate back but never left that corner. Even when I left the room, in which she usually follows, she stayed in that corner and refused to move a muscle. After a few minutes she continued eating but never left the corner. Now she is staring out the window (which is not uncommon for her to do) and glances at me every once awhile. 

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