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Hi Fellow Husky Lovers!

Can anyone recommend me a harness for my new husky??

Also, does anyone else get nervous about walking their husky at night due to safety reasons? i.e. cars not seeing us crossing the street

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)



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Hi, Indi-dog are one of the safest, there’s no escaping out of these and can be customised. I’ve had small clip on lights for winter walks that will flash and reflective Velcro pieces that you can add to your harness or collar, I bought the lights off eBay.

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I use Kong harnesses for their regular walks. I have noticed that they (my male mostly) will cough just a little if he gets too worked up and drops his weight to pull. But they haven’t been able to get out of them. Plus they are reflective. 
I have two different styles. Sorry there are no pictures. I rarely am on my phone while out with them.

I always attach a string or strap from their collar to the harness if we are in a new environment. So if they slip the harness I’ll still be able to have a hold of them.

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