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Dogs Naturally Magazine offering their Raw Petfood Nutrition course for free

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4 minutes ago, AlexanderColeman said:

Wow! Thank you! I've just got two puppies and I need to learn a lot about their nutrition.

Unfortunately this was posted last March  - its no longer available free.     However if you want to learn about raw feeding for your pups I may be able to steer you in the right direction  -  over 10,000 people took advantage of the offer at the start -  and with hours to go at the end only 13 had passed  - I was one of them.

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That's might be interesting for me too. I have a german shepherd dog that is 5 months old. It's my first dog and I know it's a lot of responsibility. So I just want to be sure that I'm doing everything right, and I'm just browsing pet forums to get more information about nutrition and training. And my dog inspired me so much! I always thought I prefer cats over dogs, but to have a puppy is true happiness. I am a web designer and work from home so I spend all my spare time with my Meatball. I even thought to get a hobby or a part-time job related to dogs and I found an article https://www.happyhealthydogblog.com/dog-groomer/ about dog grooming. I think it's a great opportunity and I'm thinking to take an online course.

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OK    Before I do an awful lot of work  I am posting something up that is already on here somewhere  -  it is a list of posts - mainly from Dogs Naturally Magazine   giving details about  raw feeding.    This is the most natural way to feed your dog   - giving him/her the type of nutrition her body will most easily recognise and assimilate food   -  it is the same type of food the canine breed has been eating for millions of years.     These are in no particular order   - just things I collected on the way to preparing as near a perfect diet for my boys as I can.




The one above is one of the most important informational  posts you will ever read



















Once you have worked your way through the above posts you will have a fairly good idea of what your dog should be eating  -  then  if you are still  wanting to provide your dog with the  best nutrition  I will start to go into specifics.    It is a lot easier than you think  -  and much cheaper  than the best quality kibbles around   - but it will take time - time to sort out the best butchers,  raw dog food supplier  etc.,  and time to read, understand  and create the ideal diet for your particular dog   -  my two boys are on different raw diets as one has severe food allergies and can not eat any poultry of any kind  or pork.

The main advantage of raw feeding is that you are not storing up trouble for later in your dog's life.    Commercial dog foods all have to conform to that country's  guidelines  (e.g.  AAFCO  in the U.S.A.  etc)  - but one thing you must bear in mind is  these guidelines state the MINIMUM amount of nutrition a dog requires to prevent it becoming sick and DYING.    Your ideal is to provide the maximum nutrition  - so your dog's body is not having to work as hard to get all the different types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements  etc it needs in order to be able to function at optimal levels.    You also will not be feeding your dog all the additives and chemicals that are found legally in commercial 'convenient' foods, in order to comply with those guidelines.

From the 1950's & '60's  we have seen the lifespan of our canines plummet  -  from an average of 16-17 years down to around  10-13 years  -  This is mainly down to what the dog has eaten all its life (commercial - 'convenient' foods) - but also because of all the vaccinations most dogs are subjected to nowadays.     The worlds oldest dog  was around 32 years old when she died  - an Australian sheepdog (from memory),  rarely fed by its owner (used to catch most of her own food whilst out working), not spayed until she was over 20 I believe, never received an injection,  out working all day long on the sheep farm, covering miles and miles each day  working with the owner.

Now think of the life of most of our dogs lead today  - notice a difference?



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