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Could my dog have an eating disorder??

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Hi I have a 1 year old Siberian husky who just eats everything. If you were to place a 30lbs bag of kibble in front of her she will eat it in 5 minutes (Im not joking). Her normal feeding she will eat about a cup of food in 10 seconds or less/ She will also dedicate her time to find food. She counter surfs and gets into the trash. Anytime we go on a walk her nose will be to the ground looking for food. We will even go to the dog park and if someone has treats in their pocket she will not leave that person alone. This was also just her being food obsessed but then it escalated. She would eat rewards cards, sticks, dirt and plants which was strange but not alarming, but when she starting eating lemons and rocks thats when I started getting concerned. Is it possible she has an eating disorder??

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She hasnt been checked out yet. We do yearly checkup appointments and hers isn't for another 6 months or so. Unfortunately our other pup was involved in a car accident so our vet bills are high. When we initially got her we brought her in for a very through examination and they came back with tape worm, giardia, and two different kinds of bladder stones. They did blood work and they didn't say anything. Currently we are doing our best to not leave food out and have her under supervision at all time. A friend of mine works with kids who have pica and said it is a strong possibility that she has it. Her 'leave it' is better with non food items. If she is tested with pica and the results came back positive do you know of a treatment plan?? Is there medication she can take or anything we can do to help her get better?

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you do not say how she was was raised, if she was fed with a pack she could still have the puppy rush to eat or you loose it behaviour

if she was not fed well same sort of thing

You could look into one of thise slow eating bowls yu can get that have grooves and wierd shaes cut in sto they have to work at it to pick the food up from the bowl

you can get them from ebay amazon and most big chain store pet shops

as to counter surfing that is kind of a husky thing, just count yourself lucky  she only surfs i have come home to look in the window and find my husky sitting in the kitchen sink so he could watch the world outside


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