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We rescued a husky about 6 months ago and we are trying to find out if she is a Mix. Our other one is part Malamute so he is 2x her size and is more malamute appearance wise. Our lil girl Leia however, is about 35-40 lbs and looks like a husky but had interesting qualities for one. For starters my mom thinks she looks like a coyote which i laugh at but totally is true. Leia is mainly grey and white with hints of brown on her tail. She has blue eyes and is a very lean dog. Leaner than the huskies I have seen. She's got a very thin frame and face and you can feel her ribs and cheek bones but according to the vet she is at her ideal weight. When she lowers her tail she looks like a grey and white German Shepard (which led us to believe she might be part Shepard). Her coat is very very thin. She barely has an undercoat and instead of coming out on huge clumps like most huskies she shed individual strands. Like I said her undercoat is very thin and you’d never know she has one unless you saw how much she sheds and really looked. Many people look at her and say she is for sure a mix while others say she is a purebred. Some say part Shepard, or hound, and some even took my moms joke to heart and says she does actually look like a coyote. She could be Alaskan husky just not sure. Others say that there is a strand of smaller huskies that look just like her, while other say there are mixes that look just like her. We can’t really afford a DNA test to find out so we are just left guessing. Any ideas or thoughts?


Heres the photo I have of her off hand I know its not a great one I'll post another one when I get a chance 

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