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Huskies fur standing on part of neck and feels dry

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Hi I have a husky named Thor who is about two and a half. The fur on the left side of his neck is standing up and when I feel near the root it feels dry and a little tangled but not knotted. After I brush it out it comes right back in a couple hours. If anybody knows what’s going on i would really appreciate it.93BE218D-F531-4D9A-B19E-FFF6670C8004.thumb.jpeg.8baa4b1fb48f07234557c29fae9f119e.jpeg

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Hi, do you feed him kibble? Diet is usually the main culprit for a dry, brittle coat, he may be lacking in essential omega fatty acids but I’d take him for a check up at the vets to make sure there’s no underlying issues.

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