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Is my husky puppy agouti?

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Hi, there! I recently adopted a 9-week old husky puppy. I've noticed that he does not look the same as other huskies I've seen -- in fact, I contacted the guy I bought him from to ask if he was actually pure-bred. He had so many brown patches on him, I started to think maybe he was part shepherd or something. The guy said he is pure bred, but the mother is agouti. Is it possible that's why my puppy looks different? I think he's adorable, and I know his pelt will change more as he ages, I'm just curious to know what his colouring is!



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His colours will become more defined as he matures but if his mum has the agouti coat pattern (tri bsnded guard hairs and usually a black tipped tail then it’s possible).  Another possibility is the wolf grey colour as that can vary in intensity quite considerably and sometimes look quite similar. 
either way he’s stunning 😄

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