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Need potty training help

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I am having such a difficult time potty training my 7month old husky. She was born July 10, 2019, and I got her September 29, 2019. I dont know what to do! We go for long walks, we go to the dog park, but she will not do anything outside. I am at my whitsend. Today I get out the show to find pop in my room. Which has not done before. Help me please!!!


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Hi, I’d start back to basics, taking her out every 10 -15 mins, especially after drinking and before she goes to bed and when she wakes. Walking will loosen her bowls after she’s eaten, lots of praise when she’s peed and pooped, it can take a while for some to understand where to do it and if she’s peeing inside it’s important to eradicate the smell as she’ll gravitate back to the same place. I took my two outside every 30 mins throughout the night for 2 weeks and the same during the day, be patient with her, lots of praise, try not to be frustrated with her she will get it at some point. Good luck

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