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4 month old husky puppy doesn’t want to eat

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I have a 4 month old female husky who doesn’t want to eat. I feed her pro plan puppy kibble and doesn’t eat it. I leave her food in the morning around 7 am and come home until 3 pm and find that she hasn’t eaten anything. I also went to the vet to find out that she isn’t sick or anything . What should I do ?



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yea like they said i had same situation she didnt want to eat coz she know that food will be there constantly,just make scedules put food in front of her if she doesnt eat remove her food and give her when is next feeding time . and yea i didnt ask is she acting normaly ?

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Have you thought about raw? some just don’t like kibble, if you want to stick with kibble maybe try another brand. With pups you have to transition slowly if you decide to switch brands and as above for no free feeding.

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