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Titan Crossed North the Rainbow Bridge at 4;10 am Sunday 2-16-2020 in my arms on the way to the vet. I told him over and over how handsome he was, how proud of him I was, How GOOD of a boy he was, How much I loved him, how much I wanted him to stay but that it's ok for him to let go. My heart is broken but it will heal with a deep scar. Now I want to start an awareness campaign for Parvo (Canine Influenza) But I do not know-how. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get from friends family and others. If you would like to take arms in this campaign with me and help me I would GREATLY appreciate it. I want to help make EVERYONE aware of the IMPORTANCE of Booster shots as much as the initial Vaccines. I want to help everyone be aware that rabies isn't the only boosters they need as my vet never told me he would need boosters for Parvo.

I beg EVERYONE Share this post and shares it with everyone! get it across America and the world Help me save other loved family members of the animal world, Help me prevent this kind of pain from happening to others. Maybe we can start a grant( or something like that) to fund FREE PARVO vaccines and boosters for lower-income families and to spread information on this extremely deadly virus.

My Best Friend went from running up to me when I got home to dead in my arms in 24 hours.

Help me help you and others.




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That’s just the worst news, poor Titan, he was only a youngster wasn’t he. I think everyone already knows the danger of parvovirus, are you sure that’s what took him? Either way, I know your pain and I feel for you and your loss. So sorry you had to lose him, you clearly loved him to bits.

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Sorry for your loss. I agree with you that there are many problems for which we must fight. We need implementing of bill of rights for animals, which would spell out such laws. Fundamental animal rights must be established at the legislative level. I experienced many problems on myself, and many read https://studydriver.com/animal-rights-essay/, and we have no other choice but to insist on creating a regulator for animals.

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