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Please help.  We just adopted 2 huskies Saturday. They were Amish breeding dogs and were in a shelter for 4 months. Queenie is 5 and Gracie is 3.  Here’s the problem.  Queenie is afraid to come through the back door into the house.  I literally have to pick her up and carry her in and then she’s fine.  I have tried everything...toys, food, treat trails and keeping her on a leash.  And they are also very timid and seem to be very weary of men more so than women.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I hurt myself. 

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Hi, congrats on your new additions. It’s difficult to train a dog when it becomes fearful, with Queenie I would put a leash on her and exercise her so she’s a little tired then I would run through the back door with her into the house, so she has no time to think about what you want her to do, I’d do this multiple times during the day until she realises she has no need to fear. Once she’s inside give her lots of praise and a treat. It may sound abit out there but I’ve seen this work with a dog who was scared to go upstairs. Building up your bond with them both will lessen timidity, baby steps at first so they learn to trust you. Good luck!

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