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Neutering Mature Husky

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I have a question on this subject and wondering if anyone has any form of answer (literally anything will be helpful). My sib Cooper is 2 years old and I am debating about neutering him. We adopted him from a family who could not take care of him properly. He has no major behaviour issues, has decent recall, and is quite calm in comparison with other huskies. One major problem we are having is that he keeps getting violent reactions from other dogs and in some cases attacked (about 1 in 4 dogs has a negative reaction to him). So far there have been three major incidents, 2 of which ended in vet visits. The last one was so bad he had to get 13 stitches on his chest right between his front legs and seven stitches on his stomach/side ($1500 in vet bills). Cooper is very friendly and wants to meet other dogs but their reactions are not always great. We also have dealt with him being accused of being an aggressive dog after he bit someone who grabbed him by the back of the neck and held him up on his back legs after he had gotten in a small scrap with another dog in our yard (so on our property). This person reported it to the local animal control and the verdict was that he was not aggressive but we should strongly consider neutering him as we could be held liable if that were to happen in public. Also in instances when he is attacked it is never in our favour to report it as he will be blamed since he is intact (this was something that was told to us when we were dealing with animal control). 

I want him to be able to socialize with other dogs and play with them but it always makes me nervous to let him because of these past events. I have researched the pros and cons and still cannot make a decision. Any thoughts are welcome! 

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I’d do more research from a medical perspective, both of mine are intact and will be staying that way, it’s a personal choice but I will say that the advice vets and other animal professionals give is in favour of neutering purely to keep the number of unwanted dogs to a minimum, which I understand, but they don’t give you the info regarding the potential risks of neutering.
No wonder he bit the person who grabbed him like that. I have 2 huskies and every single day on our walks we are met with growling, barking even teeth baring by other dogs. Other dogs, not all, but most where I live, display unfriendly aggressive behaviour towards my 2. Both of mine have been bitten by other dogs, so whilst Cooper may be friendly it’s the reaction he’s getting you’d need to be mindful of to protect him. Some have neutered their dogs and have seen no change in them and others say their dogs have become lazy and overweight.

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