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My female puppy dribbles urine and urinates frequently

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 My female husky puppy (3 months) randomly becomes lethargic, shaky and then dribbles urine while she is lying down. I took her to the ER and they said she was ok and gave her sub Q fluids and an anti nausea shot.   She also pees quite frequently. At least 20 or more times in an hour.  Which means she is peeing in the house.  When I take her outside she pees and as soon as she comes back in she pees. She will squat on her bed and pee. She has peed on my bed. She has peed in my lap. Im exhausted!!   I crate her when I go to bed. She was doing good until I made the mistake of letting her sleep with me in my room. Now when I crate her at night she makes all kinds of howling, whimpering noises.   Can someone tell me if they have experienced this before?  Can she be jealous of my boyfriend? Can she be faking her lethargic to get attention? Is it a UTI? Although there has been no blood in her urine. This is my first time owning a Husky and I am starting to wonder if Ive made a mistake.  

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions!!

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No - she is not faking it.    Dribbling urine constantly can cause serious infection, skin burning and pain.     Take her to a competant vet  - check for 2 things  UTI  and also she may have something not right with her bladder.    It is rare but some dog's urethral tubes going from the kidneys to the bladder - have one normal one entering the bladder about halfway down,  but the other bypasses the bladder sphincter muscle by entering the bladder lower down - or missing it entirely  -  hence it is impossible for her to control the dribbling.   A very simple operation can correct this.

An MRI can tell you if this is the case.

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As above, even at 3 months that’s a lot of pee in an hour, does she drink excessively? I’d take her to the vet, poor baby. She may be whimpering if she’s in pain or that she wants to be with you, she’s still only a baby and it’ll take time for her to settle in. Hope she’s ok

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