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So, I was in the kitchen cooking today, and I accidentally dropped a Dale's seasoning cap on the floor. As soon as it fell I went to pick it up and Loki snatched it up and it was gone. I took him to the vet they didn't want to induce vomiting or xrays today. They said to keep an eye on him tonight, and tomorrow. If he doesn't pass it I have to take him back Friday morning. For some reason everytime he has something that he's not suppose to have he swallows it whole. I am hoping and praying that he will pass this very soon and all will be good. Has anyone had experience with this?

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My 2 were 8 weeks when I brought them home so practically everything they saw went into their mouths, whilst in the kitchen, bathroom and on walks, I’ve had to put nearly everything in cupboards that was on the kitchen worktops and move toothbrushes and toothpaste out of Cai’s way in the bathroom, he loves to grab it [emoji849] on one occasion he was at the vets and they induced vomiting. I’m super careful whilst I’m cooking or I’ll give them a bone outside as a distraction. I hope Loki will be ok.

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I think a lot depends on just how large the cap was.    Lunar was exactly the same   - and his successor Mikey is even worse.   Whilst I've been chopping, if anything flies over the counter he usually catches it before it hits the ground.    Am seriously thinking in investing in another set of gates at the kitchen entrance for when I am preparing food.

Keeping fingers and paws crossed

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