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White husky puppy. Pink vs black nose. Difference??

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Nothing to worry about   -   'snow nose' is common in huskies  i.e. either partial or complete pink nose.  Mikey has a definite clear pink stripe going down the centre of his nose,  Marley is also going pinkish though at the moment it is a darker grey stripe against the black.    My old dog had a completely black nose as a youngster, which turned completely pink at about 3  -  then around 8 or 9 his nose started getting black spots which gradually got more prominent as he got older  -  he was pure white also.P1020147.thumb.JPG.d8af48cd267453de02bb6ec3c84aa642.JPGMikey


P1000978.thumb.JPG.863f0aca6b056d088216b72d8f8f2ce9.JPGLunar   (not a husky but a Utonagan  - related breed)

It can also happen that a pink nose on a white puppy will turn black between 8-16 weeks old  (you do not say how old your pups are)

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As far as I am aware - and please correct me if I am wrong  -  even Cruft's will not penalize a husky if it has a pink nose  -  it is genetics.    To my knowledge the only thing you have to worry about is possible sunburn on a pink nose  -  but the few dogs I have had over the years who have had pink noses have instinctively stayed out of direct sunlight and laid down in the shade.

One of the most beautiful dogs on this forum has a pink nose.

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Is this pigmentation of the nose from birth or has it appeared recently? Just if the nose has become pink recently, it means that he doesn't have enough vitamins and in his diet you need to include more homemade food. If he has such a nose from birth, then it's just genetic. It's like albino people, they have the white hair at all their body and blue eyes. There are also albino dogs, they are white and often have blue eyes. I am one hundred percent sure of this information, as I have been interested in dogs all my life. Every time I try to find more and more information about dogs and their habits. Recently, I've started to learn a lot of interesting facts about dogs on https://www.petsguided.com/.

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I got Mikey at 3 1/2 years old  -  he had the standard  snow nose as Ethan Grey's photos above from the day he came to us,  Marley my other boy started off with a black nose but over the years (6 years old now) is developing a snow nose  so common in huskies and other breeds.    

My old boy Lunar started off with a black nose but as he got older his nose turned pink all over (he was a Utonagan - related breed)  - never showed the snow nose pattern.  When I asked the vet about at the time it he said it was a genetic disorder.



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How did I not see this post 

Basically if they had colours the one with the black nose/pigmentation would be either a grey or black coated sibe  

The one with the liver/pink nose/pigmentation would be a red coated husky 

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