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It is in a full coat blow very normal but if the furminator is the bladed version I would stop using it, these cut the hairs of the top coat and I would get a undercoat rake instead...

There is a load of fur on a husky lolol

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[emoji849] shedding season, I hoover anywhere up to 5 times a day with my 2, the bladed furminator will rip their fur, I use an undercoat rake, I rake them both 3-4 times a day, it’s the only thing you can do to prevent a fur mess in the house.

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6 hours ago, loki10 said:

The furminator i use is the one that literally looks like a lice comb i use a normal dog brush on him also

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I would stop using that one...  just an undercoat rake would do it or a blaster and do it in the garden if you do not have any neighbors....

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