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Picky Eaters


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My 2 year old husky, Aura, is a very picky eater. She is already small to begin with (35-40 lbs). I have struggled to find a feeding routine she likes, but she still only eats 1.5 - 2 cups of food a day on a good day. I am still working on perfecting her diet, so I come here to ask for opinions on what other husky owners feed their picky eaters. What kind of supplements (if any) do you feed? Do you feed kibble, wet, raw, or a mixture? 

Raw is just not do-able for me, so I feed a mixture of mostly kibble, with some wet, or a food topping added. What I have been doing for a few weeks now is I will buy freeze dried treats in a variety of flavors (currently have salmon, whitefish, duck, lamb and chicken) and I will grind them up into a powder with a coffee grinder. I will sprinkle it on top of her dry kibble and mix with a little bit of warm water. If I don't use the treats as a food topper, I will mix a little bit of wet food in. 

The brands of food I have mostly been feeding lately is Acana, Merrick and Go! canned and dry. 

My other dog, Shiloh, is so simple. She will eat anything and she only gets 1.5 cups of dry kibble a day, and is still about 5 lbs over weight. I have attached a few pictures of my girls. 




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As you’re asking lol ...


Kibble is the one thing I wouldn’t feed my dog unless there was absolutely nothing else, even those which are grain free are not carb free, they still have undesirable fillers. Raw could not be easier, you can buy good quality ready made raw packs which you defrost as needed.



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Huskies are magnificent creatures and I think they deserve the best we can give them. You can't just feed your husky, or any other beloved pet for that matter, just anything. Huskies tend to enjoy raw foods quite well so I understand that some may resist eating kibble. The things you've tried to get her to eat the kibble seem like good ideas. I do have a suggestion though. There's a wellness protocol named Buddy Custard that comes in a peanut butter flavor variety. Because dogs tend to love peanut butter, they love the taste of BC. To them it tastes like a yummy treat, but it's so much more. It has only four all natural ingredients that work together to keep dogs thriving. The formula is based on the Budwig protocol from the 1950s. There has been many studies done showing the benefits it has against illnesses like cancer and arthritis. I would try the protocol to see if the dog is more inclined to eat kibble when mixed with BC. Not only is your dog gonna enjoy it, but you also get the health benefits so it's a win-win! 

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I have a 9month old, Kida, and she she was an amazing eater until 2 months ago. Now not only is that...she has diarrhea on-off

We were giving her Merrick puppy and since she totally ate every treat we gave her, we thought it was just boredom. So we changed our strong-willed husky to Instinct. Did amaaaaazing for a week and now its got to the same. We had this strict schedule that if she did not eat in 30mins ... it was taken away. Now we just leave her food in the plate for her to finish through the day. But we sometimes have to toss it bc some foods just don´t do well sitting at a plate all day/night.

I heard portions might be an issue so her portions are: 9am- 2 cups and 9 pm 2 cups.   + any treats + all the water she wants


So.... we're taking her to the vet today. But i would love to hear ideas or advice.



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