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Rip Louie


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Louie  came to me as a rehome, was Uncle  to most of the pups around me as he had such a gentle and tollaraunt boy.

He developed a very fast growing agressive tumor, and was nearly 8 years old

He helped me when i lost my Service dog was more than a pet or part of the family

I could probably write more but  this only just happened so I am not feeling too good as this came on me so fast as I am dealing with my own cancer



Small update, Whilst we were at the vets and he was not well but he was still doing his awooing and the lay on his side and try to dig a hole

He also sat up and happy smiled and let a young girl make a fuss of him








2015-04-26 18.04.49.jpg



couplenew pictures of him






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🌈 RIP Louie, We've all lost cherished dogs, you've got lots of friends waiting to play with over the bridge 🌈



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