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Found new raw dog food supplier - best I have come across

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I am lucky enough to have a very committed raw food supplier within 10 miles of me - supplying extremely high grade food - and always thinking of Marley's allergies  -  she contacted me a few days ago about the company below.   I have been in touch with them and they can guarantee their venison and lamb is suitable for Marley (and therefore Mikey  - cannot feed them differently)


Only use British meat,  -  Full breakdown of % content plus full detailed list of any ingredients,    -     Defra approved  - all human-grade meat.    They pack the food containers in natural wool to keep cold.

Species appropriate raw food. No grains, cheap fillers, chemicals or additives 

Sustainably sourced card printed with vegetable (soya) based inks. Recyclable & compostable.

Tubs made from recycled sugarcane. Free from nasty chemicals + completely compostable.

We recently launched the first raw dog food in the UK to be independently certified as organic.


Its roughly half the price of Paleo Ridge  -  and their  All Lamb is the most complete raw food I have ever seen containing  (sorry for the copy & paste  - saves my arthritic fingers) :   This could save me around £10-14 a week   -  handy on a pension!



contents-lamb 70% British Lamb (meat chunks & heart)
contents-lamb 20% British Lamb Breast/ribs
contents-lamb 10% British Lambs Liver & Kidney

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Me too, I have just bought a few packs of Cotswold raw, Luna isn't keen and will eat some under protest but I'm throwing some away too. I'm trying to slim her down, she's now 37 kg which is ridiculous. I always weigh her food carefully and make sure there's a good range of meat/fish and some bone but she keeps increasing, she's walked twice a day. Anyway off to look.



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Luna loving the frost.

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I used to deal with Happyhounds but they seem to have vanished with no warning. I now use  https://www.daf-petfood.co.uk

Those in Wales will need to deal with DAF South  food seems to be high quality and comes in vacum packed 1lb Blocks they deliver frozen every 2 weeks


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Got my first delivery yesterday and the boys had the lamb complete today  -  they wolfed it down  - and with fussy Marley that is saying something!     I even managed to hide the fermented cabbage juice in it   (he is not a fan of cabbage juice but happily chomps down on raw cabbage)   I am giving him cabbage juice as it is excellent in getting rid of ulcers   -  cuts treatment time down from around 39 days to 7-10  - and as I make it myself I know exactly what is in it.

I also ordered the venison and venison chunks  -  much cheaper than Paleo Ridge and almost no fat in the 3 packs I got - the chunks came vaccum packed -  I wont have to cut any fat off  (they need fat but too much is not good).    I would say that from this first delivery it is very high quality meat - looks and even smells good  (and that from a vegetarian).

My only niggle is that I find the minced food a little on the dry side  -  my boys like blood in with their food  (i.e. moister) but a teaspoon or two of water got it to the consistency they are used to.   99% of dogs wont have a problem with it  - just my lads are fussy.

Happy dogs with the food   -  happy owner with the quality & price  :yahoo:


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