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Happy Holidays!

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Good evening all!  Simka here barking that I hope everyone has been well and enjoyed the fall!  It’s been a while since I barked here, so I apologize. Mommy is working different hours for her job so there has been an adjustment. She sleeps when she should be awake and vice versa!  Anyway, we have been well but just busy. Unfortunately for GrizzLees mommy Carol, they had a loss in the family. Roscoe the hound passed this fall. He passed over the rainbow bridge and will forever be remembered, as he always spread joy to people and other dogs who met him. We miss you Roscoe buddy :(   Well, not all is bad. See, Carol rescued another brother for GrizzLee and the boys. His name is AJ and he is a BIG mastiff. His last home was too stressful for him and he was not given the love he deserves. So everyone, here is AJ:




A beautiful boy and actually is larger than GrizzLee if that is possible!  Oh wait, about the sneakers in the photos, yes like the rest of the crew he is a total sneaker monster!  All shoes worn in the boys house are fair game. He will fit in just fine. Well, today was an extra special day. What started out as a total bummer (a trip to the vet) ended up being awesome for AJ: He got to enjoy his first pair of Aunty Kristens yummy school sneakers!  

So after coming home from the vet, AJ was pleasantly surprised to see that Aunty Kristen was going to doggysit him for the afternoon. GrizzLee and crew were asleep downstairs napping and did not hear her come in. She came in and sat down in the livingroom. AJ instantly spotted them on her feet:


Mmmmmmm, he had never tasted new Reeboks before!  


He plopped down right in front of her feet and started sniffing and licking the toes of the reeboks and pulling out the laces. 


Kristen laughed and told him to pace himself so that the reeboks would last the whole afternoon. They were so yummy and chewy and it didn’t take him long to wrestle the first Reebok off and run away with it. 


After having a good long chewing and slobbering session, he went back for the other Reebok. He chased Kristen into the kitchen where he ate the other Reebok right off her foot. 


Lots and lots and lots of slimy mastiff slobber and wet growling!  Kristen put up a good fight, but was no match for AJ and he eventually claimed the Reebok for his yummy treat. 


AJ had so much fun hiding with those delicious new Reeboks and eating them all up for yummy afternoon dessert. Not soon after, Kristen had to leave and hunted for her Reeboks. She found AJ asleep on top of them.


She decided to wear a pair of Carols shoes home and let AJ keep her Reeboks to enjoy later on tonight after everyone was asleep. WOW Kristen is totally awesome!

Well, I think AJ is gonna have it made!  He can’t wait for Aunty Kristen to come back over and being some more yummy treats!  Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate!


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