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I love the breed and all the goofiness that goes along with it.  While they’re a lot of work to train, it’s well worth it in the end.  My real question is the type of husky that our new little one is.  I never realized that you have the regular, shorter haired ones, plush and wooly.  After a little research I see a lot of people saying that wooly huskies shouldn’t be bred and I don’t have any plans on breeding mine at all anyways.  I’m hoping that a few more experienced owners/breeders can weigh in and tell me if they think mine is a wooly or not.  I know it’s tough to tell because she’s 14 weeks old right now so she’s still 100% puppy, floof and all!






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Your pups are very cute!

So, I read somewhere that woollies are "out of standard" for the husky and are not officially shown. The reason is that their coat (vs a regular coat) tends to collect snow/ice and doesn't work as well as the shorter coats in those conditions. Their longer fur is considered a "fault". Could that be the reason that "husky purists" don't like breeding woolies?

(My dog is a husky mix, so I'm certainly no purist...I'm just repeating what I read!)

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Since huskies are working dogs.(to pull sleds).. and there wooly coat is not very helpful while tieing harness that's why as per standards ... wolly pups are not advised...basically breeds are categorised and developed as per their working capability and skills....  therefore wooly coats are considered a fault.

something I read in a blog "While this coat may be attractive to owners who like long-haired dogs, it is not good for a working Siberian husky. The long, soft guard hairs do not provide the protection needed against water, ice and cold. The coat also takes longer to dry, posing a danger in cold weather."



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