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Hi, my name’s Craig and I just accidentally discovered this forum by accident while looking up photos of huskies which might look good as iPhone wallpaper.

I’m an artist, and I had a purebred Siberian Husky for 15 years. I named him Skywise.

I love animals and have had many different kinds over the years, including several dogs and cats of all kinds.

But none of them ever came close to being as spectacular as Skywise was.

It’s hard to briefly describe here without going into the whole story, but after trying to prepare myself for raising a baby male husky with both personal experience and books on the breed back in 1991, nothing could prepare me for how wonderful Skywise was.

Skywas was, quite literally - as all who knew him told me - that he was as close to perfect as a dog could be. What my breed book described ended up being the exact opposite of what he was like. I never even had to train him - and after he was gone in 2006 I simply have never gotten over him. I can’t have pets in my home I have to live in now anyway, but I just can’t have another dog after Skywise - he singlehandedly ended up raising the bar so unbelievably high that no other dog I would ever have in the future would be able to match up to him.

i don’t have photos handy at the moment because they’re in a storage unit up north, but suffice to say he looked exactly like a majestic gray timber wolf with sky blue eyes. And, as my aunt once put it, “he could have just been a beautiful animal, but he had a beautiful heart and personality to match.”

So I guess I’m maybe here to reminisce here and there. I’ve had so many animals, but I learned that it’s really rare when one come along who truly feels like a gift from heaven, who really is all you hope your furry friend can be and more. That was Skywise.

And I miss him with all my heart to this day.

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