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skin allergies

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Hello my name is Miguel,

My husky is 4 years old i rescued him 2 years ago and we have been dealing with seasonal allergies for 2 years .

We did an intradermal skin test and he is possitive for several  allergen like: trees ( oak mix, white pine and box elder), weeds, molds And housedust mite.

He has been treated several time for secondary bacteria infections because of the allergies, he is under medication with Oral allergens for 

SLIT,  in my opinion the oral allergens is making him more ichi and the apoquel is not working anymore at this time im giving him antibiotic ,benadryl and steroids.

It  is frustrating to have him under medication all this long and not seeing results.

Has anybody go through the same? 

Please we really need help, we will appreciate it.

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