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Has any one here had a Bladder tumour (humans)

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Ok i better explain, Begining of October I had a bit of a shock, I pee'd Blood, rushed in to see a doctor was booked in fast for tests,

Had those test no stones  but something did show up in my bladder on the ultrasound, Further tests that i can say as a male were not much fun

revealed a growth in my bladder, I am booked in to see  the surgeon tomorrow, and will get some pre Op tests to make sure i healthy enough for it

I will als be getting the long talk on how they will remove it again not going to be much fun for a guy, But thankfully I will be out cold or have an Epidural

It will be an over night stay and i will have to wait for the full biopsy reports on what they remove.

Basicly if any one else has lived with this i could do with a chat in IM as you will know what i am facing, speaking with a doctor is one thing

but some one that has lived with it can probably help more


As depending on results i will have to make choices about what happens to with my dogs etc

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I am female so connot comment directly  - however my next door neighbour had bladder cancer 4 years ago   -   from diagnosis to operation took 3/4 weeks  - he was in hopital 5 days  - back daily for radiotherapy - weekends off - (refused chemo).   Within 3 months he was gardening again.      As an ex-nurse I know it all depends on the severity, how early caught, - and how you cope with the radiotherapy  -  or whatever you choose to have.     Personal opinion is that chemo is far more toxic than radiotherapy.   No doctor I know would have chemo themselves.

I hope all goes well with you and that whatever it is you got it early.

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