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What is wrong with him?! Please help me.


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Hey guys, literally just got back from a walk with him and super frustrated. These past months the walks have gotten worse and worse and so has his behavior. He is 14 months.

I walk him on a choke chain by the way, and he pulls sometimes not always. But anyways today he started pulling so i made a turn 180 walk walked the other way which gave him a correction, he then started to pull again a few times after a couple minutes, this time I made a REALLY firm correction when walking the other way which made him gag and choke a bit after......But even after that a couple minutes later he started to PULL AGAIN?!?!WTF!!


Another instance, he lunged at a dog so i gave him a sharp correction on the leash, which did nothing as he lunged again at another dog that passed by.


Why doesn't he learn from these correction??? I am completely and utterly frustrated and confused. He does't learn from these corrections, and continues to make the same mistake over and over.


P.S.- Positive only type training doesn't work with him.

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I feel your frustration I have been there.

First: there is nothing wrong with him. It’s a Husky thing. Huskies are not Labs or GS. There is no loyalty and they will not listen like other breeds. They will only listen if there is something in it for them.

So, take a deep breath and understand you are in the middle of the teenage phase. Plus, they have bad days like we do.

Chock collars are not suggested for these guys. You will harm their trachea! If he did not respond to the corrections then you are not using this tool properly and that is why he is progressing with the behavior instead of listening to you.

My male would lung, scream, run backwards, jump 4 feet straight up, and gator roll, you name it he did it! And I have two of them!

Here are some suggestions: Google the proper way to do these, I like SolidK9. (I do a softer version of these techniques and it worked amazingly) Now you may think these have nothing to do with walking him but trust me they will help in every aspect.

Place Training And Impulse control training 

I put my boy on a lunge line and take a toy that he only gets while on the walk. I take him to the cul-de-sac and play fitch for about 5 minutes. Then I work on recall and the here command - call him to me he goes around me and then sets at my side. Then after a few good ones we walk. I never let him hit the end of the lead.

(doing corrections incorrectly or allowing them to have pressure on the neck trains them to work through the pressure)

Always end while they still want to keep going, always make it positive/fun (like a kid, you tell them not to do something and they do it because you told them no).

It’s not about distance at this point. You have to mentally tire him out!

These guys are breed to pull. You are not going to train  generations of natural instinct out of him. You will be fighting a loosing battle. Work with him.

 Impulse Training:

They have to set with the door open and wait for my command before they go through. I do this for every door; house doors, car door, crate, stores960D8D60-20AE-46D5-8871-8D6CB0AF76C0.thumb.jpeg.50fbdf49397429013362601d77a2431e.jpeg9DFCD704-C2D8-43F5-BCB7-0E9D2D9D91CE.thumb.jpeg.a3ef7f7fbb0fd3052e7fa0774b7ed092.jpeg

Place training:

You can use a rug, towel, or bed. I tell them place and they are to stay wherever I point them to until I give a release command.57761EB9-DD0C-4A44-89E6-085DD09AA4AE.thumb.jpeg.7ce2e07835b1cbbdf74299efd310f4c5.jpeg9FF304F4-F136-4783-82B8-A4E074AF6F2E.thumb.jpeg.bc29601977b5028e53b242a352a17f12.jpeg


What a huge difference this made. He is sooo much fun now.


My girl does a perfect heal 80% of the time. The other % I can live with. LOL

When you google training make sure you include Husky. A lot of “normal” training techniques do not work with them.

And... make sure you are using tools correctly or you will injure him or end up with a hefty vet bill.

Good Luck



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