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Will my husky appearance and coat length change (pics included)

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I'm new here and i'm enjoying every bit of this forum. 

First time dog owner and i'm loving my husky. his name is ice and i have a few questions. 

1- will his face coloring shape change? more black or more white? i know its for the body yes but don't know for the face.


2- When he get older (1 year old) will his coat length change? If you're experienced can you post a google link for how his coat might look when he get older. 


3- He is 4 months and weight 6.2kgs, Which among searching i realized that is too low. should i be worried? 


Any general advice is appreciated thank you so much and expect to see more topics from me :) 


pictures and videos here

husky 2.PNG


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Hes a wooly coat so he will be very fluffy , invest in a good undercoat rake and make sure he is used to being brushed and finds it pleasurable or you'll end up with a badly matted dog , he could loose some of the face marking but then he might not I think hell most likely keep most if not all of his dark mask 

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Gorgeous boy!    Both BB&S above and I have woolies,  (long haired huskies)  as is your lovely lad.   I did not keep a weight check but I think mine weighed 11kilos at around 6 months  - he is 3 yrs 10 months now and weighs  25 kilos.    Your boy has a very happy face.

372051761_marley1-Copy.thumb.jpg.02fa5d3ac02b05c9aa6d181b724ccec8.jpg    1085482591_P1010702(Copy)(2)-Copy.thumb.JPG.d61a4aff4b1536d75961481926518b08.JPG

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OMG he is Handsome ❣️

Mine are brother and sister.

Here is the girl: 7 weeks, around 4 months, 1 year7F53C456-0CFF-42AE-8A4C-35FE0C440665.thumb.jpeg.6663db33d2504acbd3573f13d1e53280.jpeg99B08DCD-0476-45BB-8DE8-D9ED212AB561.thumb.png.695849a9a209460d7aada5ba6ec138cd.png14EE8A47-C549-499D-BC9D-669F3DDA9988.thumb.jpeg.6b30ae2aa77b7431bfbb9c006f83a3fc.jpeg



Here is the boy: same ages



I thought mine were little too at that age. Now they are 60lbs. LOL

They will hit growing spurts. So as long as the vet says he is healthy, go with it.

Take lots of pictures they do change and quickly.


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