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Husky has an infestation of fleas!!


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Hey guys!

My boy has been scratching himself crazy for weeks so i finally decided to go to the vet and get him a chewable nexguard flea med. I gave it to him a couple hours ago and decided to comb him to see how much fleas he has......

and i found he was COVERED in fleas everywhere. I'm talking loads  and loads of fleas coming off with the fur when combing. Is there anything else I can do to remove all of the fleas, I was thinking of giving him a bathe with dawn soap., or getting a flea comb

I wanted to know if there is anything, anything i can do on top of giving him nexguard to remove his ticks.

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O poor guy.

Get him to a vet ASAP- need to make sure dosage is correct, his skin is going to be all open and inflamed and he probably needs antibiotics and an anti inflammatory. Giving him a bath could physically be painful.

(I have seen dogs that started off with a bad case of fleas and ended up being covered in  maggots)

Wash EVERYTHING in your house. No matter how much meds or how many baths, he can still keep getting them if the environment is not clean. 

Sounds like you are way past home  remedies.

Good luck

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You need to thoroughly clean your house   - then treat it with something like  RIP fleas  -  make sure your dog does not go into the house for at least an hour  - preferably 3 or 4 hours after treating it.   You do not say where you are from  -  so I dont know if you can get stuff like this   -  a country would help.   RIP fleas will kill all fleas on contact for the first 24 hours and will work against eggs and larvae for 12 months  as well as eventually killing full grown fleas.

If the load is as heavy as you say, your dog could be getting anaemic  -  a vet trip is in order 

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another trick to help is get a meat dish add some water and a little washing soap the stand a canlde on the dish

any fleas left in teh room will move to the candle but the water with soap will drown them (must have the soap)  and as said the house must be fumigated with an anti flea spray.

you need one that will kill adult flea, Larva and Eggs, and it may take a few cans to treat the whole house as you need to spray everything can help if you give a good vacum around  first but use a bag hoover and seal each bag in a plastic bag that does not have holes in or the buggers will escape. do carpets  sofa etc move sofa tables  etc and do under then and around the edge of the rooms even under your bed and both sides of teh matress

then sray the house or see if you can get one of the industrial strength bug bomb things that will gas the whole house in one go  (set off, run, come back few hours later open windows wait couple hours then put down fresh water

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